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Patron eating in a Reims Restaurant
Photo © Restaurant Le Tablier - Reims

Which Reims Restaurant is the best? My Full List + Épernay

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In this blog post I’ll take you through the best restaurants in Reims and Epernay for visitors. This list is obviously non exhaustive, and I plan to augment it and write another one with options around those two cities. If you’re looking for a good restaurant, Reims and Épernay are great choices.

Reims has a vast offer in restaurants that are generally accessible by foot from the city center, with some worthy exceptions. Not on the list are tea houses, local bars, Kebabs, Tacos, burger joints, creperies and more. Epernay is the same on a smaller scale. Both cities bustle with tourists during the summer. There are always some restaurants available, even if it was not your first or second choice.

As you can see in the summary above, I categorized the restaurants in Reims by type, and bundled all of them in Epernay. I hope this is enough to help you navigate it. I chose the ones I think have the best potential to please you as a visitor, and I added my quick comment as Raphael’s take to give you an insight in my thinking. Please give me feedback if you can.

One can almost always find vegan, vegetarian, celiac and allergenic friendly options BUT PLEASE READ BELOW *.

*Taking notice of some cultural customs in France will avoid you some frustrations . If you can, book in advance, because restaurants can be very busy and tend to have tight hours. Have in mind that French restaurants are still struggling post-Covid to hire and train staff, so patience is a very valuable resource. Confrontations in France work best if done in a very mild manner: say exactly what you want to say with the utmost tact, and the French will treat you like General De Gaulle. Allergens and vegan ingredients are noted by law in the menus, but don’t assume it was supervised by a nutritionist: it’s difficult enough for them to stay open these times, so it’s a safer bet to confirm by politely asking for a double-check.

Estimated Bill Per Person

€€ up to 50€ …… €€€ up to 75€ …… €€€€ likely 100€ …… €€€€€ more than 100€

Great, let’s go!

Gastronomic Restaurants in Reims

L’Assiette Champenoise €€€€€

Raphael’s take: Consistently one of the most respected French restaurants in the world.

Assiette Champenoise chef and dish - Reims Restaurant
Photos © l’Assiette Champenoise

L’Assiette Champenoise is a 3 Michelin-starred Reims restaurant. It is run by Chef Arnaud Lallement, his wife Magali and his sister Mélanie, and is known for its sophisticated cuisine that blends complex flavor combinations with high-quality products. Chef Arnaud Lallement’s culinary style is inspired by France and beyond, with a focus on serving the best quality products with a respect for their natural taste. The elegant and modern decor of the restaurant is a reflection of the Chef’s personality. You can either chose one of the 2 set menus, the chef’s inspiration surprise menu or order one of the gems in the menu, among which the Brittany Scallops with Périgord  black Truffle in coteaux champenois cream, blue Lobster in its head’s juice, a dish with game and the famous cheese plate chosen by the recognized affineur Philippe Olivier. Patrons describe having a memorable time, and many times having even being greeted by the attentive chef.

Attire: Fine dining attire is recommended, or Smart Casual
Address: 40 Av. Paul Vaillant-Couturier – 51430 Tinqueux (Reims)
Phone: +33 3 26 47 59 59
Email: contact@assiettechampenoise.com
Website: https://www.assiettechampenoise.com/
Closings: Sundays and Mondays

Le Parc €€€€€

Raphael’s take: One of the most beautiful Hotel-Restaurants of France.

Photos © Le Parc

Le Parc, located within the luxurious Hotel Les Crayères, is a 2 Michelin-starred Reims Restaurant not to be missed. Chef Philippe Mille, a Meilleur Ouvrier de France, offers an unforgettable dining experience with his elegantly reinterpreted classic dishes in 4 set menus and inspired dishes like black Truffle stuffed Scallops with marinated Vegetables in radish dressing, Venison back on vine branches with Beets glazed with wine sediment and Hibiscus gel and raw milk Chaource cheese with fresh garden Herb coulis and caramelized Walnuts. The restaurant’s connection to Champagne is showcased through its use of materials like clay, vine shoots, and vine leaves in its dishes, and its impressive list of nearly 900 different types of Champagne to pair with your meal. Desserts, crafted by the 2019 French champion Yoann Normand, are a feast for the eyes and taste buds.

Attire: Fine dining attire is recommended, or Smart Casual
Address: Hotel Les Crayères, 64 boulevard Henry Vasnier, 51100 Reims, France
Phone: +33 3 26 82 50 50
Website: http://lescrayeres.com/fr/restaurant-le-parc.html
Closings: Sundays and Mondays

Le Foch €€€€

Raphael’s take: Elegant and intimate French restaurant.

Photos © Le Foch

Le Restaurant Le Foch is a 1 Michelin star highly-regarded Reims Restaurant, known for its quality cooking and unique menu. With over 25 years of experience, Chef Jacky Louazé offers 3 sets of set menus and an à la carte filled with sunroots, turnips,  langoustines, scallops, beef tongue, game, pineapple and green apple. Ingredients that he crafts into exuberant and accomplished dishes. The chef has earned high praise for his inventive cuisine and precise cooking techniques. With a comfortable and classic atmosphere, Le Foch is a must-visit for both local regulars and foreign tourists alike.

Attire: Fine dining attire is recommended, or Smart Casual
Address: 37 Boulevard Foch, 51100 Reims
Phone: +33 3 26 47 48 22
Email: contact@lefoch.com
Website: https://www.lefoch.com/
Closings: Sunday and Monday

Racine €€€€

Raphael’s take: Top level Japanese-French fusion.

Photos © Racine

Restaurant Racine is a superior 2 Michelin star Reims Restaurant that showcases the exceptional culinary skills of chef Kazuyuki Tanaka. With a focus on using the purest ingredients and cooking them to perfection, every dish at Racine is a beautifully crafted masterpiece. Guests have described dishes like Escargots and mussels with artichoke, slow-cooked yellow pollack, glazed and lightly grilled red mullet, and a translucent slice of lobster with sweet small red beets and grilled porcini mushrooms. You can expect a welcoming atmosphere, with a warm ambiance and a view of the kitchen. The wine list is also impressive, featuring a selection of top-notch champagnes and other fine wines from around the world.

Attire: Smart Casual
Address: 6 Place Godinot – 51100 Reims
Phone: +33 3 26 35 16 95
Email: restaurant@racine.re
Website: https://racine.re/
Closings: Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Le Millénaire €€€

Raphael’s take: Elegant and traditional French restaurant at Place du Forum.

Reims Restaurant - Le Millénaire
Photos © Le Millénaire

Le Millénaire is a culinary gem that offers diners an unforgettable experience. Impeccable technique, generous portions, and top-quality produce come together to create a menu including Beef tail jelly with poached egg and Petrossian caviar, Venison fillet with poivrade sauce, Roasted cod with Champagne sauce and Orange salad with saffron pistils. With Chef Benjamin Andreux at the helm, the restaurant delivers on both creativity and expertise, creating memorable meals for guests. Perfect for celebrating a special occasion or just looking for a delicious meal.

Attire: Smart Casual
Address: 3 rue des Augustins – 51100 Reims
Phone: +33 3 26 47 06 06
Email: info@lemillenaire.com
Website: https://www.lemillenaire.com/
Closings: Sundays and Mondays

French Casual Restaurants in Reims

Au Petit Comptoir €€€

Raphael’s take: My favorite casual French restaurant in Reims.

Photos © au Petit Comptoir

Au Petit Comptoir is a traditional French restaurant that boasts a chic and elegant decoration, complete with comfortable furnishings and a beautiful terrace. This Reims restaurant is run by chef Thierry Sidan and serves a modern take on classic bistro cuisine. Some of his creations you can order are Dorade tartare in exotic fruits, Marbled foie gras and shredded confit duck, Fried octopus tentacle and prawns, with herring caviar risotto, Crispy andouillette AAAAA with celery puree with chestnuts and Suzette Crêpes flambées in front of you. A tight staff and sleek décor will compound in the making of a great memory.

Address: 17, Rue de Mars, 51100 Reims
Phone: +33 3 26 40 58 58
Email: reims.apc@gmail.com
Website: https://www.au-petit-comptoir.fr/
Closings: Sundays

Le Crypto €€€

Raphael’s take: where the other chefs come to have fun!

Photos © le Crypto

Le Crypto serves up delectable dishes made with the freshest ingredients. Located on the charming Place du Forum, this modern bistro is run by the talented Chef Frédéric Dupont and boasts a well-stocked wine list with an emphasis on Champagnes. Some highlights: Scallop tartare with mango and lemon caviar, Wild-caught fish fillet with lemongrass sauce, Sweetbraed roested served with its roasting juice and Bean Tonka Creme brulée. You can trust that your dining experience will be excellent in this pictoresque Reims restaurant.

Address: 14 place du Forum – 51100 Reims
Telephone: +33 3 26 25 27 81
Email: restaurantlecrypto@free.fr
Website: https://restaurantlecrypto.eatbu.com/
Closings: Sundays and Mondays

Le Réfectoire by Champagne Pommery

Raphael’s take: One of the few restaurants inside a Champagne house, amazing déco, Traditional French.

Photos © le Réféctoire

The restaurant Le Refectoire, located in the heart of the Champagne Pommery estate, offers a truly unique dining experience. The Art Deco/Art Nouveau decoration is stunning and sets the perfect backdrop for Chef Philippe Moret’s culinary creations. With a menu that showcases the finest regional ingredients, Chef Moret has put together a selection of dishes like Escargots de Bouzy, Foie Gras au porto et son pain d’épice, Carpaccio de Saint-Jacques mariné à la Truffe, and the Tournedos Rossini à la Truffe. The wine list features a range of Champagne Pommery and other fine wines, making this Reims restaurant a great choice.

Address: 5 Place du Général Gouraud – 51100 Reims
Phone: +33 03 26 61 61 61
Website: http://www.vrankenpommery.com
Closings: Tuesdays and Wednesdays, no dinner on Mondays or Thursdays

Le Jardin €€€

Raphael’s take: executive, nice and friendly, closest to Veuve-Clicquot, Taittinger and Pommery. 

Photos © le Jardin

Le Jardin offers an eclectic menu that includes exquisite dishes such as black truffle and scrambled eggs, smoked salmon with potato parmentier, confit lamb shoulder with Champagne lentils, and a delightful coconut mousse with mango, passionfruit, and pineapple. The precision cooking and attention to detail are evident in every dish. Whether you’re looking for an intimate dinner or a celebratory feast, Le Jardin’s relaxed atmosphere and attentive service will make you feel at home. Make sure to try their wine list, which perfectly complements the dishes, and end your meal with Chef Pâtissier Yoann Normand’s “desserts copains” for the perfect finish.

Attire: Smart casual
Address: 5 Avenue Paul Doumer – 51100 Reims, France
Phone: +33 3 26 77 54 54
Website: https://www.lescrayeres.com/en/le-jardin
Closings: Open Every day for lunch and dinner

Anna-S €€€

Raphael’s take: Romantic small restaurant closer to the Cathedral.

Photos © Anna S

Anna-S La Table Amoureuse is a must-visit dining destination in Reims, offering a delightful culinary experience with a warm and romantic atmosphere. This Reims restaurant is led by a talented trio of Anna-Sophie in the kitchen, Cédric in service, and Damien in wine selection. Guests can expect a journey of poetry as they taste slow-cooked Iberic Pork Collar in mustard sauce, seasonal Vegetarian plate, slow-cooked Veal Roast with chanterelle mushroom sauce, and a dessert of  Poached Pear with almond and gingerbread mousse. The carefully curated wine list perfectly complements each dish.

Address: 6 Rue Gambetta – 51100 Reims
Phone: +33 3 26 89 12 12
Email: annasreims@gmail.com
Website: http://www.annas-latableamoureuse.com/
Closings: Sundays, Mondays, no dinner on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Le Boulingrin €€€

Raphael’s take: Real brasserie style, fun and messy in the good way.

Photos © le Boulingrin

Experience traditional French brasserie dining at Brasserie du Boulingrin, in front of the municipal food market. This welcoming restaurant is the perfect place to savor classic dishes like smoked herring, steak tartare, hanger steak, and more, all served up with friendly, efficient service. The decor is stylish and reminiscent of a bygone era, complete with Art Deco features, and the local patron’s usual happiness will add to your amusement.

Address: 31 rue de Mars – 51100 REIMS
Phone: +33 3 26 40 96 22
Email: brasserie@boulingrin.fr
Website: https://www.boulingrin.fr/
Closings: Sundays

L’Alambic €€

Raphael’s take: Cellar ambient, cozy and romantic.

Photos © l’Alambic

Indulge in the flavors of classic French cuisine at l’Alambic, located in the heart of Reims. Chef Ansel Fabrice is a master restaurateur, and all of their dishes are made from fresh, raw ingredients, with the exception of ice cream and bread which are provided by fellow artisan producers. Enjoy a unique dining experience in their cellar room, which combines modern decor with the charming atmosphere of a traditional Champenois wine cellar. You’ll find a variety of meats and fish, as well as a big dessert menu. Don’t miss the chance to try their mouthwatering lamb chops, duck filet, and perfectly cooked foie gras. The warm and inviting atmosphere and friendly staff at l’Alambic will make you feel right at home.

Address: 63 bis, rue de Chativesle – 51100 REIMS
Email: contact@restaurant-lalambic.fr
Website: https://www.restaurant-lalambic.fr/
Closings: Sundays, no lunch from Monday to Thursday

Les Cornichons €€

Raphael’s take: Quaint French restaurant with a nice terrace.

Photos © les Cornichons

Les Cornichons, located in the heart of Reims, is a must-visit restaurant for anyone looking for a delicious, traditional French dining experience. With its charming atmosphere, quality cuisine, and expertly selected wine list, you’ll be in for a treat. From their mouth-watering burgers to their fresh and expertly prepared seafood ceviches, or the striking Spanish ham w/ chorizo chips and veggie gratin, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re in the mood for lunch or dinner, Les Cornichons is the perfect spot to relax and watch the local life.

Address: 13 rue du Général Sarrail – 51100 Reims
Phone: +33 3 26 05 70 61
Website: https://www.facebook.com/Lescornichonsreims/
Closings:Sundays, Mondays, no dinners Tuesday or Wednesday

Le Tablier €€

Raphael’s take: Cozy and charming Art Deco bistro.

Photos © le Tablier

Le Tablier is a charming restaurant located in the heart of Reims. With a commitment to sourcing ingredients from local purveyors, this charming eatery offers diners a truly authentic taste of the region. From the incredible mushroom and truffle pasta dish to the slow-cooked beef rib, each dish is expertly prepared and presented with care. With friendly staff, a varied menu featuring fresh and a central location, Le Tablier is uusally a memorable dining experience.

Address: 30 Pl. Drouet d’Erlon – 51100 Reims
Phone: + 33 3 53 13 16 89
Email: contact.tablier@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/LeTablierReims/
Closings: Open every day

Café du Palais €€

Raphael’s take: Beautiful and historic Art Deco bistro, in front of the local Court.

Photos © Café du Palais

Café du Palais is a popular gathering place for people of all ages and professions, with a unique decoration featuring artworks and a famous 1928 stained glass window. The family-run business is now in its fifth generation and provides a warm and friendly atmosphere for all guests. The menu offers delicious plates, including smoked salmon, Iberico ham, Reims ham, hot dishes, salads, and regional products and sweets. The restaurant also frequently hosts cultural and musical events and is open from 9am for breakfast or professional meetings. A selection of Champagne is available for aperitifs, and don’t forget to finish your meal with a coffee and a piece of quatre-quart cake.

Address: 14, Place Myron Herrick – 51100 Reims
Phone: +33 3 26 47 52 54
Website: http://www.cafedupalais.fr
Closings: Sundays and Mondays

Sea Food Restaurants in Reims

Le Bocal €€

Raphael’s take: Literally a fish shop where you have amazingly fresh seafood with great Champagne. To die for.

Photos © le Bocal

Located at the back of the Poissonnerie des Halles in the historic center of Reims, Le Bocal is a marine-themed eatery that promises a simple and delightful dining experience for seafood lovers. With an ever-changing menu inspired by the freshest seafood available, the restaurant offers a wide selection of oysters, shellfish, crustaceans, smoked fish, and tartares, guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds. On Thursday evenings, happy hour oysters are served from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM, providing the perfect opportunity to sample a different oyster, region, producer, and iodized tapas each week. To complement your meal, Le Bocal offers a carefully selected wine list featuring bold, reassuring, or original blends to create a delicious and gourmet marriage of flavors.

Address: 27 rue de Mars – 51100 Reims
Phone: +33 3 26 47 02 51
Website: https://www.restaurantlebocal.fr/
Closings: Sundays and Mondays

Café de la Paix €€€

Raphael’s take: Best Western Hotels’s restaurant, very good seafood plates and French brasserie.

Photos © la Paix

Café de la Paix is known for its lively atmosphere and acclaimed for its fish and seafood plates. With a menu that varies with the seasons, there’s something for everyone at this beloved brasserie. The menu features traditional dishes such as escargot, steak, and a variety of seafood options. Wine lovers will be delighted by the extensive wine list, which includes some of the finest vintages from the Champagne region. The restaurant’s warm and elegant atmosphere make it a perfect place to enjoy a special occasion, or a romantic night out.

Address: 12 Place Drouet d’Erlon, 51100 Reims, France
Telephone: +33 3 26 40 68 71
Email: contact@cafedelapaixreims.fr
Website: http://www.cafedelapaixreims.fr
Attire: Smart Casual
Closings: Open every day

Glue Pot €€

Raphael’s take: Go for a tasty burguer and a curated boutique champagne and wine selection.

Photos © Gluepot

The Glue Pot is a well-known and old pub located in the heart of Reims. The establishment serves good pub food in a relaxed atmosphere. Although initially an elegant English pub, it evolved into a wine and champagne lounge with a unique selection of boutique champagnes and wines where wine makers go to eat and drink, along with a diverse selection of beers, cocktails, and spirits. The bar offers a menu of generous and flavorful high-quality beef, including Charolais, Black Angus, and Wagyu, or you can order options like Salads, Fish and charcuterie. Inside, you can watch music concerts, and outside it is a the lovely terrace by the Place d’Erlon. The bar stays open late on Friday and Saturday nights until midnight.

Address: 49 place Drouet d’Erlon – 51100 Reims
Telephone: +33 3 26 47 36 46
Email: contact@thegluepot.com
Website: https://thegluepot.com/
Closings: Sundays

Wine Bars

Le Wine Bar €€

Raphael’s take: Great wine list and good tapas in a perfect location. This is where the Champagne makers come to have fun!

Photos © Le Wine Bar

Indulge in the art of wine tasting at Le Wine Bar, the perfect destination for wine lovers in Reims. This charming wine bar, created by Nicolas et Pierre-Louis Papavero, who previously worked at Vintage with their father, offers over 500 wine references, including 200 champagnes, 200 wines from all regions of France, and 70 spirits, with 20 wines available by the glass permanently. Enjoy delicious tapas with a Spanish twist, such as pan con tomate and serrano, patatas with chorizo, and an array of cured meats and cheeses, all paired with carefully selected wines from world-renowned vineyards. Savor the warm atmosphere and excellent hospitality provided by the staff, and feel free to ask the knowledgeable sommelier for recommendations. I is the perfect place to unwind after a long day of work or explore new wines with friends.

Address: 16 Place du Forum, 51100 Reims
Phone: +33 3 26 05 89 94
Website: http://www.winebar-reims.com/
Closings: Sundays

Le Coq Rouge €€

Raphael’s take: Very friendly, great wine list and tapas.

Photos © le Coq Rouge

Discover the delight of French wine gathering at Le Coq Rouge! This charming wine bar, located in the heart of Reims, boasts a rustico-vintage decor and over 250 wine and champagne selections to pair with their delectable French-style tapas. Enjoy a convivial evening surrounded by warm ambiance and impeccable service, all while savoring the best wine and cuisine the city has to offer. With a wealth of positive reviews and a “faultless” reputation, Le Coq Rouge is a trusted visit for any food and wine lover.

Address: 67 Rue Chanzy – 51100 Reims
Phone: +33 3 26 85 28 50
Email: lecoqrouge.reims@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/lecoqrouge.reims/
Closings: Sundays and Mondays

Aux 3 P’tits Bouchons €€

Raphael’s take: Great Wine Bar for a personal and organic based selection.

Photos © aux 3 P’tits Bouchons

Aux 3 P’tits Bouchons is a charming wine bar located in the heart of the historic and gastronomic quarter of Reims, Boulingrin. This specialist caviste offers a great selection of natural, organic and biodynamic wines, and all the food is 100% organic and freshly made with seasonal ingredients. With its warm and inviting atmosphere, Aux 3 P’tits Bouchons is the perfect place to relax and enjoy tapas, charcuterie, burgers and cheese accompanied by a surprising glass of biodynamic wine chosen with care by Lucille Mourot.

Address: 29 Rue Henri IV – 51100 Reims
Phone: +33 9 66 84 29 59
Email: contact@aux3ptitsbouchons.fr
Website: https://www.aux3ptitsbouchons.fr/
Closings: Sunday, Monday, closed at night on Saturdays

Italian Restaurants in Reims

Da Nello €€

Raphael’s take: Cozy Italian with excellent pizzas. 

Photos © Da Nello

Da Nello offers some of the city’s best pizzas, from classic margherita to four seasons, and delicious veal escalope saltimbocca with generous pasta dishes. Savor a glass of fine wine and finish off with the secret to Da Nello’s success: a tasty fruit cake. With friendly staff, Da Nello is sure to provide an enjoyable dining experience.

Address: 39 rue Cérès, 51100 Reims
Phone: +33 3 26 47 33 25
Closings: Sundays, no lunch on Saturdays and no dinners on Monday

Il Duomo €€

Raphael’s take: Relaxed and modern Italian on Reims Holiday Inn’s rooftop, great view.

Photos © il Duomo

Il Duomo is an Italian restaurant/rooftop bar located on the 7th floor with breathtaking views of the Reims cathedral from its rooftop terrace. Indulge in a nice selection of Italian wine and champagne while enjoying the friendly service. The menu features an interesting collection of Italian cuisine like Arancini with Tartufata and Mozzarella, Linguini al Pesto with Prosciutto Cotto and Mushrooms, and dessert like White Chocolate Panna Cotta with Vanilla Mango Compote. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy a meal with a view in a relaxed atmosphere.

Address: 46 Rue Buirette – 51100 Reims
Phone: + 33 3 26 78 99 99
Email: hotel@hireims.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/ilduomoreims
Closings: Sundays, no lunch on Saturdays

La Casa Aprile €€

Raphael’s take: Italian with great Pizza and good wine, frequented by locals.

Photos © Casa Aprile

La Casa Aprile offers a diverse range of delicious handcrafted pizzas baked in a wood-fired oven, homemade pasta dishes and a selection of burgers. Popular pizzas include Lombardia (Cream base, mozzarella, ham, tallegio, red onion), Capricciosa (Cream base, mozzarella, goat cheese, cherry tomato salad, homemade honey), and Tartuffa (Cream base, truffle, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, hearts artichokes, balsamic cream). Enjoy your meal with a glass of wine from the carefully curated selection, and soak up the warm and inviting atmosphere, complete with anoutdoor terrace and a bar.

12 Place Aristide Briand, 51100 REIMS
Phone: +33 3 9 74 56 98 57
Website: https://www.pizza-aprile.com/
Closings: Sundays and Mondays, no lunch on Saturdays

La Villa €€€

Raphael’s take: Good Italian in a nice décor in the Boulingrin neighborhood.

Photos © la Villa

La Villa in Reims offers a delightful experience, with a menu filled with delicious salads, tasty pastas, and mouth-watering risottos, all completed by a wide selection of wines. Some of the items available are the lean Carpaccio with citrus Salad and pistachio oil, Linguine alle Vongole, Milanese Veal cutlet, sage Lean Loaf with grilled Polenta and homemade coconut and chocolate Profiteroles. The friendly staff will ensure you feel at home in the welcoming atmosphere.

Address: 30 rue de Mars – 51100 Reims
Phone: +3 33 26 87 51 51
Email: lavillareims@gmail.com
Website: https://www.lavillareims.fr/
Closings: Open every day

Asian Restaurants in Reims

Le Riad €€

Raphael’s take: Excellent contemporary Moroccan restaurant near central Hôtel de Ville.

Photos © le Riad

Le Riad serves a delightful blend of French and Moroccan cuisine. With a reputation for serving perfectly cooked dishes, the restaurant is a great choice for those seeking a delicious meal in a pleasant atmosphere. Visitors have raved about the savory couscous, méchouia, pastilla with chicken or fish, and various tajines, such as chicken with olives, lamb with prunes, and kefta with egg or royal bream (dorade). Delicious pastries and the delectable Moroccan wine are also recommended. Additionally, the attractive decor and pleasant atmosphere create an ideal environment for relaxation.

Address: 12 rue de Tambour – 51100 REIMS
Phone: +33 3 26 89 60 26
Email: hassan-salahdine@orange.fr
Website: https://www.restaurant-leriad-reims.fr
Closings: Open every day

Koboon €€

Raphael’s take: Delicious contemporary Thai restaurant near Place d’Erlon.

Photos © Koboon

Koboon Resto is a refined Thai street food chain located in Reims, France. Offering a menu filled with delicious 100% Thai dishes with Asian flavors, this restaurant is perfect for those looking to experience the exoticism of street food made in Bangkok. Created by the famous chef Oth Sombath, his local team work to create mouthwatering dishes such as Pad Thai, green curry, and Massaman, each spiced up with the chef’s unique sauce. The restaurant also offers both indoor and outdoor seating options.

Address: 9, boulevard du Général Leclerc – 51100 Reims
Phone: +33 9 88 00 74 14
Website: https://www.koboon-resto.fr/reims
Closings: Sundays, no lunch on Mondays.

Côté Sushi €€

Raphael’s take: Great small and contemporary fusion Japanese-Peruvian restaurant.

Photos © Côté Sushi

Côté Sushi is a fusion restaurant that offers a unique dining experience in Reims, France. The menu offers a combination of Peruvian and French flavors, and offers plenty of options for both vegetarians and meat-lovers. You can enjoy their miso soup, Udon noodles, Mahi-Mahi ceviche, Donburi Gyoza Nikkei as well as their delicious and stunning Peruvian-Japanese sushi combinations. The restaurant has a modern decor and it’s right by central Place du Forum.

Address: 7 Pl. du Forum, 51100 Reims
Phone: +33 3 52 74 04 14
Website: http://www.cotesushi.com
Closings: Open every day

Saïgon Cà Phê €€

Raphael’s take: Nice casual Vietnamese in Place d’Erlon.

Photos © Saïgon Cà Phê

Step into the heart of Reims at Saïgon Cà Phê, a lively and friendly canteen-bar offering a generous and family-style cuisine with traditional dishes from southern Vietnam. From Pad Thai to Bo Bun, Pho stews and Nems, including  beef, fish, chicken or vegetarian, its menu offers a culinary journey. You can also drop by for a round of Champagne glasses with friends while having a tasty meal.

Address: 33 Place Drouet d’Erlon – 51100 Reims
Phone: +33 3 26 47 48 89
Website: https://www.saigon-ca-phe.com/
Closings: Open every day

Meishi Daily €€

Raphael’s take: Real Chinese food, very casual and very good, 10 minutes walk from Central Station Reims.

Photos © Meishi Daily

Discover a world of delicious flavors at MeiShi Daily, a family-style Chinese restaurant located in Reims. Indulge in a range of traditional dishes, including the house specialty Peking duck and steamed ravioli with Szechuan red sauce, Pork needle with yuxiang sauce, Shrimp sautéed with cashew nuts and cucumber, Fried eggplant sautéed with sweet vinegar and coriander sauce and Chicken sautéed with fermented soybean paste. Enjoy the warm and inviting atmosphere while sipping on a delicious glass of wine or TsingTao beer.

Address: 11 Rue de Fismes – 51000 Reims
Phone: +33 9 80 34 56 30
Email: meishidaily@gmail.com
Website: https://meishidaily.eatbu.com/
Closings: Mondays, no lunch on Sundays

Rotisseries / Steak Restaurants in Reims

Le Gueuleton €€

Raphael’s take: Want to feel like a happy and unburdened French glutton? Go there.

Photos © le Gueuleuton

Le Gueuleton is for those who love to live life to the fullest. With a maturation room for meat, a giant rotisserie and over 1000 references of wine and champagne, this restaurant is the perfect place to combat any sense of dullness. Indulge in delicious tapas, platters of charcuterie made from black pigs of Albret, sizzling steak cooked on a lava stone, sausage with fat dripping baked potatoes and roasted ham from a local farm. Throughout the year, Le Gueuleton also hosts themed events honoring different delicacies like Beaujolais wine, oysters, truffle tapas. Don’t forget to try their mouth-watering dessert after a delicious meal accompanied by a glass of wine from their extensive selection.

Address: 1 Pl. Martyrs de la Résistance – 51100 Reims
Phone: +33 3 26 03 58 84
Website: http://www.gueuleton.fr
Closings: Sundays and Mondays

Che Diego €€

Raphael’s take: Great steakhouse and South American wines!

Photos © Che Diego

Che Diego offers a taste of Argentina in Reims. Empanadas are a staple dish at this restaurant, with options such as meat, chicken, ham & cheese, and vegetables & cheese. Another must-try is the juicy, mouth-watering côte de boeuf black angus, cooked to perfection with a strong flavor. For those looking for a vegetarian option, the steak vegetable plato is packed with flavor, including a delicious steak, eggplant, tomatoes, vegan cheese, and a spicy arrabiata sauce. To finish your meal on a sweet note, try the decadent chocolate Alfajores, or the homemade Tiramisu, made fresh in-house. Don’t forget to pair your meal with a glass of bold red wine from South-America. And be sure to say hello to the real parrot on your way out!

Address: 2, rue Jules César – 51100 REIMS
Phone: +33 3 26 07 83 51
Website: http://che-diego.fr/
Closings: Sundays

Restaurants in Épernay

Le Théâtre €€€

Raphael’s take: Elegant décor and very good traditional French restaurant.

Photos © le Thêatre

Le Théâtre, located next to the central theater of Épernay, offers a delightful dining experience with its classic French cuisine and first-class service. Dine in style in the historic 19th-century building, surrounded by tall mirrors and elegant decor. Indulge in the restaurant’s signature dish of veal kidneys in Meaux mustard, or sample other classic offerings like terrine de biche, fillet of Turbot with leeks, medallion of Monkfish with garlic cream, hare à la royale with mushrooms, stuffed black pudding and caramelized apples with hot foie gras, and chestnut cream mille-feuille with pine sorbet. With an impressive wine list, a delicious coffee, and a friendly staff, Le Théâtre is a great place to enjoy fine dining in the Champagne region.

Address: 8, place Mendès France – 51200 Épernay
Phone: +33 3 26 58 88 19
Website: http://www.epernay-rest-letheatre.com/
Closings: Wednesdays, no dinner on Sundays and Tuesdays

La Grillade Gourmande €€€

Raphael’s take: Very charming, great traditional French style grilled food.

La Grillade Gourmande is a warm and welcoming restaurant with a sun-filled atmosphere, owned by Chef Christophe Bernard, alumni at both Bocuse and Ducasse, who showcases his expertise and generosity in his traditional and sophisticated Lyon-style cuisine, complemented by his and his wife Kristel’s welcoming hospitality. On the 2 set Menus and à la carte you can order delicacies like local Snails in garlic butter, roasted Scallops in Champagne sauce. But the place is driven by the grill spirit in staples like the grilled whole sea Bass with fennel, grilled Beef Rib steak with grilled Duck Foie gras cooked over wood fire, grilled Veal Liver with onion jam, and the grilled Rack of Lamb with honey and rosemary. All can be accompanied by fine wine from a wide selection.

Address: 3 rue Dr Rousseau – 51200 Epernay
Phone: +33 3 26 55 44 22
Email: grilla2gourmande@aol.com
Website: https://www.lagrilladegourmande.com/
Closings: Sundays and Mondays

La Table Kobus €€€

Raphael’s take: Love the elegant setting, the service and the food.

Photos © la Table Kobus

La Table Kobus offers a unique blend of authentic and gourmet dining experiences in a typical brasserie setting from 1900. Enjoy the flavors of the French cuisine that evolves with the seasons, and indulge in a Foie gras with chutney and jelly Ham of Reims, a dish of Scallops in a Bonbonnière of Pumpkin with Mushrooms in Shellfish juice and hazelnut oil, a piece of Black Angus Beef with Salsify Confit in Port, or a dessert of crunchy Cocoa nibs with Crème brulée ice cream and plain Chantilly. Immerse yourself in the exotic ambiance and modern décor, while sipping on a delicious champagne. Table Kobus promises a luxurious dining experience and delivers every time.

Address: 3 rue Dr Rousseau – 51200 Epernay
Phone: +33 3 26 51 53 53
Website: https://www.la-table-kobus.fr/
Closings: Mondays, no dinners on Thursday and Sundays

La Cave à Champagne €€

Raphael’s take: I love this charming, small, familial, traditional French Restaurant.

Photos © la Cave à Champagne

La Cave à Champagne is a bistro-restaurant in Epernay with a rich, hearty regional cuisine, accompanied by reasonably priced Champagne and wines. Feast on delicious local specialties like oysters gratinées with Champagne, foie gras with ratafia, Snails cassolette with St Menehould pig’s trotters with Garlic and Chanterelles, potée champenoise (smoked pork roast with vegetables) and Champagne Cheese trilogy (Langres, Chaource, Brie de Meaux). The intimate atmosphere is further enhanced by the charming floral chandeliers and the passionate commitment to regional products.

Address: 16 Rue Gambetta – 51200 Epernay
Phone: +33 3 26 32 20 51
Website: https://www.cave-champagne.fr/
Closings: Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Chez Max €€

Raphael’s take: Great casual traditional French for foodies, lovely owners.

Photos © Chez Max

Chez Max is a highly regarded restaurant located just 10 minutes walking off the small Epernay city center. Known for its welcoming atmosphere and service, this family-run establishment receives praise from diners for features like escargot, a steak tartare made by the chef in front of you, Sole “Belle Meunière” style, pan-fried Scallops in champagne, roasted rack of Lamb in thyme juice, Andouillette de Troyes “AAAAA” simmered with Reims mustard, and a variety of cheese selections. Visitors to the area will find it a delightful dining experience and will appreciate the passion that Franc and wife bring to every dish and service.

Address: 13 Avenue Alfred-Anatole Thévenet – 51530 Magenta
Phone: +33 3 26 55 23 59
Website: http://www.restaurantchezmax-epernay.fr/
Closings: Mondays, no dinner Wednesdays or Sundays

Cave de l’Avenue €€

Raphael’s take: Good restaurant and great wine selection right in the Champagne Avenue.

Photos © Cave de l’Avenue

Walk in the Champagne Avenue and one of the first buildings you will see on the left hosts this nice restaurant run by a member of the André Bergere’s champagne family, friendly Annelle who is often on site to welcome the guests. They are proud to use mainly fresh local produce from small business. Among the food staples prepared by Chef Patrick Laurent are the red Mullet fillet in escabeche, roasted Cod with butternut and hazelnuts, veal Onglet with paprika and polenta and chocolate mousse with suzette sauce and red orange. Be sure to ask for a wine pairing suggestion in their expertfully curated selection, that includes lots of Burgundy and top class champagne like Egly-Ouriet, Rodez and Jacquesson. Good tapas and an open court are another option if you are mostly there for the wine and to relax.

Address: 5 Avenue de Champagne – 51200 Épernay
Phone: +33 3 26 54 09 83
Website: https://www.lacavedelavenue.fr/
Closings: Sundays and Mondays

Le Sardaigne €€

Raphael’s take: Great pizza, steaks and escargot. Love it.

Photos © le Sardeigne

Le Sardaigne is a restaurant in Épernay, France that offers a unique blend of French and Italian cuisine. The menu features a wide variety of dishes, including succulent steaks, pan-fired salmon, delicious pasta, risottos, and mouth-watering wood-fired pizzas. Guests can expect to be treated to a delightful atmosphere and affordable prices. The terrace is a popular local spot during the summer.

Address: 1 Place Pierre Mendes France, 51200, Épernay France
Phone: +33 3 26 55 56 95
Website: https://www.le-sardaigne-restaurant-epernay.fr/
Closings: Open every day

Le Stelvio €€

Raphael’s take: Delicious Italian restaurant.

Photos © le Stelvio

Le Stelvio is an Italian restaurant in the heart of Épernay that offers a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere with a decoration inspired by the famous Col du Stelvio, a road pass in the Italian Alps. With its focus on fresh and homemade ingredients, guests can indulge in authentic Italian specialties, including fresh pasta and wood-fired pizzas, and finish off their meal with a tasty dessert. The wine menu includes Italian and French options to perfectly accompany your meal. The restaurant also offers vegan and vegetarian options and is known for its generous portions and good food.

Address: 4 Place Pierre Mendès France – 51200 Épernay
Phone: +33 3 26 55 40 03
Website: https://www.lestelvio-restaurant.com/
Closings: Open every day

Sacré Bistro €€

Raphael’s take: Best wine grower Champagne list, hip small brasserie.

Photos © Sacré Bistro

Sacré Bistro is a delightful restaurant located in the heart of Épernay. The place boasts of brasserie dishes like delicious Burgers,  Fish and Chips, roasted Duck breast, Rib steak and Raspberry tart. With its modern ambiance and friendly staff, it’s no wonder that this restaurant is always busy with local and foreign patrons. For those who enjoy a good champagne, this is definitely the place to be. The owner, Victor Allier, is passionate about wine growers and finds the gems that will be hailed later by the specialized press. Ask him for a suggestion!

Address: 2-4 Place Auban Moët – 51200 Épernay
Phone: +33 9 52 78 27 37
Website: https://www.sacrebistro.fr/
Closings: Mondays and no lunch Sundays

Chez Françoise €€

Raphael’s take: Nice terrace and good rotisserie dishes.

Photos © Chez Françoise

Chez Françoise is a rotisserie dishes such as roasted Chicken, Pork and leg of Lamb. The restaurant has an attractive atmosphere, and the menu includes Burgers, Salads, Veggie wok, and Creme Brulée. The wine list is small but well crafted, with options available by the glass. The outdoor seating area is a perfect spot for a delightful lunch.

Address: 6 Rue des Berceaux, 51200 Épernay
Phone: +33 3 3 26 32 26
Website: https://chez-francoise-resto.com/
Closings: Open every day.

Bistrot le 7 €€€

Raphael’s take: Traditional bistrot in a hotel.

Photos © Bistrot le 7

Bistrot le 7 is a brasserie that serves classic French cuisine. With a warm and inviting atmosphere, customers are treated to delicious food and great wine. Among the house specialties you can find pink Lentillon salad with pistachio filled Lyonnais Sausage in Mustard cream, homemade Hare terrine à la Royale, casserole of Veal Sweetbreads with wild Mushroom cream, roasted Meager with Artichoke cream and mashed Potatoes, and roasted Pear Royal Delight with salted butter Caramel. Visitors can expect great meals at reasonable prices.

Attire: Casual Smart
Address: 13 rue des berceaux – 51200 EPERNAY
Phone: +33 03 26 55 28 84
Website: https://www.lesberceaux.com/bistrot-le-7-epernay/
Closings: Wednesdays and Thursdays

La Banque €€

Raphael’s take: Good food, wine list and décor. Service can take time sometimes.

Photos © la Banque

La Banque is a charming brasserie located in the heart of Épernay, which was formerly a bank and has been transformed into a brasserie, making for a unique dining experience. Visitors can enjoy classic dishes such as Sole meunière, Pot au feu, and Tête de veau, all made with the finest ingredients. There is also a great variety of famous and upcoming Champagne wines to choose from, including by the glass, while you are surrounded by the nice decor and local atmosphere. You can chose the lovely terrace during the summer.

Address: 40 rue du Général Leclerc – 51200 Epernay
Phone:  +33 3 26 59 50 50
Email: contact@brasserie-labanque.fr
Website: https://www.brasserie-labanque.fr/
Closings: Open every day

Espace Dégustation Pierre Mignon €€€

Raphael’s take: Go there for a lovely experience with dear Denis and yummy Clos du Gravier champagne.

Photos © Champagne Pierre Mignon

If you’re in the mood for a light meal and a great Tasting experience, you can find this small and elegant tasting room right in the middle of Epernay. They don’t only offer the great champagne produced by medium sized Maison Pierre Mignon, but also accompanying plates like fine charcuterie, cheese, 3 kinds of cold salmon and caviar. A highlight is finding either the friendly owner Céline Mignon, or the legendary Sommelier Denis Garret, a wine-world celebrity full of passion and stories you never forget. Both and the staff will suggest the best pairings and a great time awaits the visitors going inside or sitting by the two tables outside the pleasant street.

Adress: 9 rue Jean Moët – 51200 Épernay
Phone: +33 03 26 54 00 83
Website: https://www.boutiquepierremignon.com/
Closings: From Mondays till Wednesdays

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